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Niyati is a writer/poet based in New York City.  She earned her MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and she writes short, riddled, homeless little things. Her chapbook Woman as Threat is out from Raptor Press (December 2018), and ojalá (Papalota Negra, July 2018) has been published abroad in collaboration with illustrator Alejandra Marroquín, translated by Patricia Trigueros.

photo: Luigi Deguzman


The Work

My voice falls halfway between fiction and poetry.  Could be cross-genre, could be mid-range.  Homeless is the right word because these days "middle" means neither instead of both.  "Mixed" means none instead of all.  And somehow our half-ness or multiple part-ness has become alien to the whole, or whatever they've called the whole, historically.  

Maybe we need new names.  Maybe naming things has been the problem all along. Either way, I call them riddles.

Woman as Threat

Woman as Threat is a study on power, where the voices of nine women address the [other] in their lives. The chapbook was published by Raptor Press and celebrated with an intimate, filled-room reading on December 19th, 2018, at Stella & Fly.


ojalá is a hybrid text in response to the beautiful & incisive & lingering illustrations of Alejandra Marroquín, translated by Patricia Trigueros and published by Papalota Negra.


Stories is a WIP—a collection of stories on, about, or with-the-theme-of stories.  So far, three are done, two are underway, and four are forthcoming.  Jilidah is the introductory vignette.

On Love and Death and Omens and Trees
Erem and The House of Heritage
The Story of the Mill
Mehmaan and the Hall of Many Mirrors

& the rest

misc_ : random content at/from/for random times

the ninth : An election-triggered thing.

On the Process: I’ll be adding short essays on the making of each hybrid text, from conception through writing to publication. Ojalá is up, Woman as Threat is forthcoming.  

photo: Luigi Deguzman (s/o Lemony Snicket)

Very Frequently Asked Questions

"Niyati, wait: how do you say your name?"

kNee - yuh - t[h]ee.  
Stress the first syllable, and the -ti is halfway to -thi.

"Niyati, how do you Exist?"


"Niyati, wait: where are you?"

In New York, or, On my way.

"Niyati, what do you even do all day?"

I try. (Do I?)

"Niyati, goddamnit. Respond to me."

Not a question, but that statement says enough?
Apologies.  Let's still be friends.

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