a collection of texts on, about, or with the theme of stories.




There is no power in truth.  There is only power in the perception of truth, that high menace so fickle, so boring and porous and holy. 

Truth is a gimmick, a toy of five letters and one word. 

Truth is trash. 

This, Jilidah knew.



"Wait what?  What does that even mean?"

—Stories, Jilidah, stories have their own worlds and their own rules and their own broken fences. 

"I don't want stories.  I want the truth."

—But stories are all that there are.  That journey through the jungle, green and moist and buzzing with sounds from behind the banana leaf; that boy that knows nothing of the girl until the girl takes him, spreads her legs and shows him; that new and long-abandoned swing.  In each of these things there are stories, and in each of these stories there are truths.  If you have the story, Jilidah, then you have the truth.

—end of excerpt—