things we already knew but now we know

“Whatever our neurons are measuring, it’s not the tick of an actual clock. Moreover, he argued, both time and clocks are cultural constructions—inventions that modern societies have inherited from their predecessors. Some indigenous tribes experience “time” very differently. The Amondawa people of the Amazon, Buzsáki said, think in terms of “change”—when tribe members cross life thresholds, such as menstruation or marriage, they are given different names—but have no words for months or years and don’t know how old they are.”

Ingfei Chen in The New Yorker

ps i miss neuroscience

Guess Who’s Late to the Kaveh Akbar Game

moi / yo / me

“If home is the question, / the honest answers must all be elegant / forgeries.”

from “The New World” in Calling a Wolf a Wolf


Everyone buy his book.

Or at least read Self Portrait as So Much Potential via NYT.

And then buy his book.

Current Life Lesson

A quote from William H. Gass: (RIP WHG):

Try to remember that artists in these catastrophic times, along with the serious scientists, are the only salvation for us, if there is to be any. Be happy because no one is seeing what you do, no one is listening to you, no one really cares what may be achieved, but sometimes accidents happen and beauty is born.


From Freeman's: Home

April 2017

i know, it's a low qual image. high qual words tho

more on adonis from the poetry foundation 

Found Literature


Oh and this poem

America Flambé

a recipe written during the election
(a piece assigned before the election, due after the election, blah blah blah, vomit. election.)

America Flambé, a recipe. 11.15.2016